Zipline Sweden


An adventure among the treetops!

Here you can choose between different zipline adventures. Our various courses vary in adrenaline level and duration, but not in difficulty. 

Vandring vandra Sweden Zipline


Hike at Little Rock Lake through the deep forest. Here, you get to experience the silence and solitude where your encounters are not with other people, but with the forest's own inhabitants.

Fem-kamp åtta-kamp 5-kamp 8-kamp Sweden Zipline

Pentathlon and octathlon

At Base Camp, we invite you on an adventurous journey with a host of exciting and challenging team-building exercises. Embark on activities that span one to two hours, ideally crafted for groups of up to 25 adventurers.

gruväventry gruvklättring klättring gruva

Mine adventure

Put on your headlamp and experience a magnificent abandoned mine with your friends. Our experienced guides will safely lead you through the hike, followed by lunch together.

kanotuthyrning kanot änghultasjön

Rent a canoe

Rent a canoe and experience the Småland idyll of Änghultasjön. We offer canoe rental in various formats, ranging from half-days to an entire weekend. Explore our packages more by clicking below.

Cykel i skog


Experience the Småland forests behind the handlebars - on your own or together in a group. There are several exciting trails to discover nearby, with something for both beginners and experts. Read more here!

Grupp i vedeldat utomhusbad

Outdoor Bath - Relax in the Wilderness

High above the ground, you'll find our wilderness deck. Enjoy a wood-fired hot tub, a bathhouse with a hot tub, a sauna, a double tent with a mattress floor, and a breathtaking view over Änghultasjön.

klättring 17 meter utsiktstorn


A thrilling challenge awaits the climber. Ascend our 17-meter high observation tower on your own, where a majestic view over a fantastic forest landscape awaits at the top. Do you dare?

kids playground lekpark lekplats för de yngsta

For the kids

You're never too young for adventure. Of course, we offer exciting activities for children as well. Learn more about the kids' favorites at Sweden Zipline and find something that suits your family.

Grupp som åker transport mot nästa äventyr


Do you like having the experience pre-packaged? We have put together a range of packed packages for the best possible overall experience. There is something for everyone, both adrenaline seekers and forest enjoyers.

Ungdomar åker transport till nästa ziptur

Do you have questions?

Do you want to book or need help putting together a suitable arrangement for your particular group?

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