Barn på hinderbana

Obstacle course for the kids

Included in the price when booking zipline, accommodation, and more

If you weigh a maximum of 35 kilograms and enjoy challenges, then you should definitely try our children's obstacle course. Here, the goal is to overcome various obstacles - without touching the ground. The best part? The obstacle course is included in the price when booking zipline, accommodation, and more.



Free of charge

We also have a classic playground with a slide, swing, and small climbing wall. The child must weigh a maximum of 35 kilograms.

Barn i underjordisk labyrint

Underground labyrint

30 SEK per child (min 5 people)

Under the tree deck at Base Camp lies our underground labyrinth where children can go on an adventure. You'll be equipped with a helmet and headlamp to explore the underground properly. Down here, you can also see crayfish that have settled in the mountain pool.

NOTE! The underground area is accessible on days when we have bookings in the park. We always recommend reserving spots in advance.

Två skyltar med tipspromenaden Vilses Stig

Hiking path Vilses stig

Free of charge

At the start of our Zipline Green course, there's a small hiking trail called "Vilses stig" (Lost Trail). Along the trail, you'll learn what to do if you were to get lost in the forest – whether you're a child or an adult. We also offer a free quiz walk consisting of twelve questions. You can pick up a card and a pen at the reception inside the main building, and after completing the activity, you can find the correct answers at the reception.

Hink med kottar i

Fir cone tossing and nature bingo

Free of charge

Fir cone tossing and nature bingo are two popular activities for children. They are free and located outdoors at Base Camp. You'll find the fir cone tossing under our bulletin board, where you can determine the distance yourselves. If you prefer to play nature bingo instead, you'll find the cards on the tables outside the main entrance at the outdoor reception.

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