Environmental Policy & Declaration of Intent

It is a matter of course for us to protect the surroundings in which we conduct our business. In the same way, we also want to promote a sustainable future and environment through our business. Below is a summarized version of our environmental policy, which is available in its entirety further down the page.

Statement of Intent and Environmental Policy - (PDF)

"The forest must be an opportunity for many, the beauty of the forest is an asset for people and the forest is a resource for all social groups."


Summary of the environmental policy


We want to operate in the environments we are in without leaving a negative impression. Through consultation in accordance with the Environmental Code with the Swedish Forestry Agency and the County Administrative Board, we ensure that nature is not damaged through negligence regarding the construction of our facility. Furthermore, we are members of and contributors to the Swedish Ecotourism Association. We also contribute half of the entrance fees to the tower and suspension bridge to the Uppvidinge bird club.

Availability & Security

The company works to make the facility as accessible as possible for all visitors. We are investigating opportunities for disabled people to be able to participate in our activities to the greatest extent possible. There should be something for everyone with us at Little Rock Lake.

We constantly work for the greatest possible security around our operations. For example, through the use of safe equipment and trained and knowledgeable personnel. The facility is inspected daily to ensure safety. Inspections are also carried out at regular intervals by an external party for the greatest possible transparency. 

Emergency plans are prepared in case of storms, fires, delays or illnesses. Personnel in each workgroup at the facility have training and knowledge in first aid, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and lifesaving. Defibrillators are deployed at the facility.

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