Introducing Sweden Zipline

Sweden Zipline AB is an entrepreneur-driven company within the tourism and experience industry. Founded in 2012 by Jonas Grahn, it opened to the public on May 29, 2014. In just a few years, it has succeeded in establishing one of the region's leading adventure facilities and Europe's longest zipline track. The total length of the track is just over 4.5 kilometers, and the facility offers luxurious natural experiences beyond the ordinary.

Here, we welcome a wide variety of visitors, both Swedish and international, ranging from local residents to more distant guests. Particularly, we receive a large number of visitors annually from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark who want to go ziplining and experience the Småland nature. The facility accommodates both group and individual visitors, from five-year-old children to seniors in their 80s and 90s. Among the group visitors, we see corporate events, bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, and school classes.

An experience beyond the ordinary

Our primary goals are to provide an experience beyond the ordinary, while we also want our visitors to leave us satisfied and happy. Our success is demonstrated by the positive reviews in our own guestbook, as well as on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tripadvisor. We have been awarded the "Outstanding" accolade in the Swedish Welcome quality assurance system, where we are one of the few activities in Sweden to have received the highest rating.

The founders have also received several awards for their contributions as entrepreneurs in the tourism industry. We have chosen to focus on quality and a somewhat higher price range than surrounding activities and offerings. We work hard and aim to continuously increase the efficiency of the facility through additional services and new products. This approach is not only to open up more sources of revenue but also to offer adventures to everyone.

We are Sweden Zipline

Would you like to become part of our team?

Do you want to combine a passion with a day-to-day work? Are you sociable, love nature, and outdoor life? Then you are who we are looking for! Who wouldn't want to work in the middle of the forest at one of Småland's highest points with a breathtaking view over the lake and forest landscape, where happy guests come to have fun? At Little Rock Lake, our goal is to ensure that all guests have an unforgettable experience. We offer a variety of activities for families, businesses, schools, and groups, including zipline, climbing, mining adventures, hiking, and much more.

We carry out all activities with great enthusiasm and are committed to delivering the highest possible quality. We are a company that is constantly evolving and always striving to offer high-quality adventures that suit everyone. We also aim to educate about the flora, fauna, and nature around us. Many activities take place on weekends and public holidays when most others are off work. Thanks to our continued expansion, it's possible to offer activities year-round. Therefore, there might even be opportunities to extend employment after the season. We have (limited) accommodation options for those who are not from the local area.

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