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Would you like to experience more attractions in the area around Klavreström and Little Rock Lake? Here we offer some tips on other experiences worth visiting.



Experience Uppvidinge and the Glasriket (kingdom of glass). Discover the home of the renowned Småland glass art, meet artisans, visit glassworks, and engage in and try your hand at this noble art yourself.

Fasad med Kosta-logotypen

Destination Kosta

Come and discover Kosta's greatness in the detail. Learn about glass craftsmanship, try glassblowing, or just enjoy the proximity to nature. You will find taste experiences beyond the ordinary and encounter adventure around the corner.

Granhults kyrka

Granhults Church

Granhult Church is an unusually well-preserved medieval wooden church from the 1220s. There are only about a dozen more or less preserved wooden churches from this time period in the entire country, and Granhult Church is one of them.



Mining in Småland has a long history, and some of the first mines in Sweden were opened here. Both minerals and various types of stones were extracted. Today, you can visit several of them, enjoy guided tours, and listen to music.


More Kastell

Moredalen is a rocky ravine located on the border between the municipalities of Hultsfred and Högsby. Here in Småland's Grand Canyon, with its mighty landslide cliffs, rock shelves, and flowing water, there is a rich flora of mosses and lichens.

Helvetets håla

Helvetets håla (Hell's Hole)

"Trollebo Portar" is a scree, a steep ravine, which can be followed for just over four kilometers. From the edge of the scree, you have a breathtaking view of "Helvetes håla" (Hell's Hole): a round and often water-filled cavity in the middle of the ravine.

Nykulla utkikstorn

Nykulla watchtower

The current tower was built in 1958 with an extension of the two top floors two years later. Previously, there was also an old tower located nearby. It was built between 1878 and 1880 and was later demolished in 1923.

Illharjen naturreservat

Illharjen Nature Reserve

Illharjen and Stora Illharjen are two separate reserves that border each other. Here, the waters of the Emån River split into several streaming creeks, forming a delta-like landscape.

Braås park naturstig

Braås park hiking path

Along the slightly over two kilometers long reserve trail, you'll encounter fairytale-like settings, vibrant bird songs, and blooming wood anemones. The journey follows the sharply marked Braåsen, formed millennia ago when the inland ice retreated.

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On aventyrligare.se, you'll find tips on exciting places in Sweden to visit. Most of them are open and completely abandoned in forests and fields. These are not places that require trespassing or are in any way illegal or forbidden to visit. Almost all of the locations are also free to visit, but there are a few exceptions.

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