Year-round activity. Experience and observe a cool mine from the inside. After the hike, we sit down at the top of the mine to have lunch, including drinks.

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Mine adventure

Price: 3 250 SEK per person (minimum three and maximum six people)

Approx. 10.00-18.00

The mine adventure begins with an approximately 40-minute car ride to one of Sweden's most beautiful open-pit mines. Once there, we start by descending into the pit via a 200-meter-long mine tunnel. 25 meters down into the mountain, a fantastically beautiful quarry opens up with moss and tree-covered cliff walls and late-grown trees. Here we wander around for a while and admire the surroundings. After the hike, we sit down at the top of the mine to have lunch, including drinks.

Ghost Mine

After visiting the open pit, we travel for about ten minutes before arriving at the hidden and nearly forgotten Ghost Mine. Here, iron was mined a long time ago, and the mine dates back to the 18th century. It is 50 meters deep and consists of three levels. We head to the top for a safety briefing and rappelling exercises. Once we feel ready, we crawl under the fence to start lowering ourselves into the mine. The first ledge is just 15 meters, while the second ledge is 35 meters deep into the mountain to a cavity. When we reach the cavity, we light torches to make our way out through the mine via a 250-meter-long – and partially water-filled – mine tunnel. It's a peculiar feeling to walk underground in the light of the torches, and we try to be quiet so as not to awaken the mine ghost that guards the underworld. When we come out of the mine, we warm up to a small dinner to satisfy hungry stomachs.

When you purchase the Mine Adventure, you can also add a zipline adventure (red or black course) for 1 000 SEK per person.

This is included in the package:

  • Loan of all equipment.
  • Guides with climbing training.
  • Lunch, dinner, beverages, and fruit.

Frequently asked questions

How should I dress?

We always recommend wearing clothes appropriate for the activity. This means comfortable sport or outdoor clothing and sturdy shoes or sneakers. If there is a risk of rain, bring your own rain gear. It can be cold in the mine, so a small backpack with an extra sweater and pants can be good to have. Our guides provide simple sandals to borrow to protect your feet in the cold water.

Who can participate in the adventure?

Everyone between 12 and 70 years old in decent physical shape with a maximum body weight of 100 kg can participate. You should not be excessively afraid of heights and should have a good sense of balance. Normal vision or glasses that can be secured with a strap or similar are required. Additionally, you should not be afraid of a bit of rain or staying in the dark. You should have a positive attitude towards life and enjoy solving challenging tasks with your companions.

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