The wilderness deck features a wood-fired hot tub, a bathhouse with a hot tub, a sauna, a double tent with a soft mattress floor, changing rooms, a shower, a toilet, and a breathtaking view over Änghultasjön.

Grupp i badstugan

Bath cabin

3 000 SEK (max 8 pers.)

The bath cabin (for 8 people) is wood-fired and features a specially designed hot tub, part of which is two meters deep. Additionally, it has underwater lighting. You are welcome to bring your own beverages to the bathhouse.

Grupp i vedeldat utomhusbad

Hot tub

Price: 2 500 SEK (max 8 pers.)

The hot tub (for 8 people) is wood-fired, has underwater lighting, and is situated in the center of the wilderness deck, offering an incredible view over the lake and forest.



Price: 1 500 SEK (max 6 pers.)

The sauna (for 6 people) is wood-fired and located on the wilderness deck, featuring a panoramic window that offers beautiful lake views.

dubbelkåta kåta boende

Double tent

Price: from 2000 SEK

The double tent features air conditioning with both heating and cooling capabilities, as well as a 10-centimeter soft mattress floor that easily accommodates 20 adult persons. Each sleeping area is equipped with a charging station that provides eco-friendly electricity.


Field Station: A large refrigerator is also available for rent if needed.

Changing Rooms: There are two changing rooms with showers and toilets on the wilderness deck.

bergbassäng bad utomhusbad

Take a refreshing dip in the mountain pool

Feeling tempted to take a refreshing dip? Then you can do so in our mountain pool, which is approximately four meters deep and primarily contains spring water that comes up from the bedrock. 

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Do you want to book or need help putting together a suitable arrangement for your particular group, including the outdoor bath and relaxation options?

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