Who are we?
Little Rock Lake AB is an entrepreneurial company in the tourism and experience industry. The company founded in 2012 by Jonas Grahn and opened to the public on May 29th of 2012 and has only in a few years managed to build one of the region’s premier adventure facility and Europe’s longest Zipline course.
The total course length is just over 4,5 km and the facility offers luxurious nature experiences beyond the ordinary.

We have a very large variety of visitors, both Swedish and foreign. Above all, we have many visitors every year mainly from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.
It is both group and individual visitors whom visits the facility and consists of elderly around the ages of 80-90 to children from the age of 5 and up. Group visitors includes corporate events, bridal showers, birthday celebrations and school classes. Individual visitors include both local and more long-distance tourists.

Our goals?
Our main goal is to provide an experience beyond the ordinary and also that the visitors return home satisfied and happy. That our visitors are happy is shown by the nice reviews noted in our own guestbook both also on social media such as on our Facebook page, Tripadvisor and others.
We have thus been awarded the award “Outstanding” in the quality assurance system Swedish Welcome – one of the few activities in Sweden that has received the highest rating and the founders have received several awards for their efforts as entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.
We have chosen to profile ourselves on quality and a slightly higher price range than surroundings activities and offerings. We work hard and our constant goal is to increase the efficiency of the facility with, among other things, ancillary services and new products to offer adventure to everyone.