On the top of the mountain where Little Rock Lake's facility, Base Camp is located is one of the heighest points in the county of Kronoberg, 286.4 meters above sea level.
The fertility for the trees in the area is very low and therefore trees are unable to get enough nutrition in order to grow properly and instead ends up a lot smaller that they would have been if the fertility in the ground were to be higher. The result is smaller trees that do not display their true age.

During the summer months the area surrounding the park is very rich with blueberries, so The Blueberry Mountain would be a more suitable name. Among the blueberries you can also find lingonberries.

For an unknown reason many different species of bugs and butterflies thrives in the area, which results in us having plenty of small birds. One of these birds has a tradition of building her nest and laying her eggs at one of our Zipline stations out in the park at our tower Rosenborg every year since it was raised in 2016. A rare species of butterfly has on numerous occasions been seen in the area, known as "Tryfjäril".


In and around the park thrives also other animals, such as: moose, fox, deer, hare and many more. During the winter times wolf tracks has been discoverd but as the wolves are incredibly shy and extremely careful, only the tracks has been discovered.


We now have frogs in our own pond, Little Rock Lake.


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