Youth package 3 days 2 nights

The youth package is a special designed package for teenagers and young adults from 10 to 18 years of age and is sutiable for schoolclasses, youth recreation centers and similar groups.  
The youth package aims to give the participant an unforgettable experience to remember for a long time.

Day 1

12.00 Arrival at Base Camp with lunch

Arrival to Base Camp where you have free disposal to our grill areas.

13.00 Zipline adventure Green course

We go zipping in our Green course, it consists of 6 wires distributed on approx. 1,5 km wire out in the forest. The top speed is approx. 50 km/h and the top height above the ground is 20 meters.

15.00 Check-In Double Cabin & Wilderness panel room

The youths checks-in to our double cabin, you can read more about the cabin HERE.
Are you more than 24 youths we will mount one of more 12-man military tent in connection to the wilderness deck.
The tent will be equipped with soft air mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows with pillowcases. A common charging station for mobile phones is located in the military tents and a heating stove that you can light a fire during cold nights. Firewood is included.

Adults sleeps in their own rooms 

As an accompanying leader you stay in our Wilderness panel rooms, you can read more about the rooms HERE.

15.30 Own activities & Dinner

 Evening dinner

Now you can begin to prepare your own dinner or continue with your own activities to the time you think it is to eat.
You have free disposal to our grill areas.


Climbing wall

Our climbing wall is 15 meters high and has three different levels divided by degree of difficulty.

Multisport course

At the mountain pool with three different jump ledges and a multisport course.
The pool is approx. 4 meter deep and is in connection with the wilderness deck and outdoorgym Fitness Forest.


16.30 Wilderness Swim

We heat up our hot tub on the deck and the hot tub inside of the bath house to 40 degrees Celsius, the hot tub in the little cabin is uniquely designed with a deep hole of 2 meters in the middle.
In our wood heated sauna can up to eight persons enjoy the sauna heat for hours.
You can read more about our wilderness swim on the wilderness deck HERE.

Day 2

08.00 Breakfast

Breakfast you do together on your own or there is the option to purchase breakfast from the restaurant. We have three different breakfast options:
Small breakfast, medium breakfast and breakfast from fire that is collected outside.

09.00-15.00 Basic Survival

09.00-10.30 Theory Survival

During approx. 1,5 hour we will go through the most important conditions in order to survive out in the wild forest landscape.
We teach you how you can in many different ways care for yourself or your friends if you happen to experience an emergency situation.
An emergency in which you can not rely on your mobile gadgets. 

10.30 Swedish 'Fika'

Own afternoon snack

11.00-15.00 Practical Survival with lunch

In groups we will go through several exercises about how you in the best way can organize yourself in an emergency.
The theoretical parts from earlier are now to be used in real time and within the groups you will yourselves rate your actions and together analyze what could have been done differently.
Simpler wilderness lunch out in the terrain (14.00) when time is suitable consisting of collected ingredients and "reserve provisions" that could be saved from the "sinking car".

16.00 Zipline adventure Red course

After Basic Survival we go zipping the Red course which has a top height on 52 meters and consists of in total 8 wires distributed on approx. 2,6 km wire out in the forest. The top speed is approx. 75 km/h.

20.00 Dinner

Now it's time to begin preparing the dinner to when you think it's time to eat. You have free disposal to our grill areas. Firewood included.

Day 3

08.00 Breakfast

The breakfast you prepare yourself before check-out and beginning the journey home.


Youth Package 3 days 2 nights

Up to 8 youths and 2 adults - 10 persons

» Overnight stay in cabine/12-man military tent
» Wilderness panel room for adults
» Cleaning of cabin
» Free access to charging station by every sleeping area
» Free Wi-Fi
» Soft and comfortable sleeping areas
» Water toilets and hot water showers
» Fridge 150 liter
» Grill area incl. firewood
» Access to observation tower and suspension bridge
» Zipline adventure with two guies in the Green and Red course
» Heated bath house, hot tub and sauna
» Outdoorgym Fitness Forest
» Multisport course and mountain pool
» Basic Survival


» Grill charcoal per bag - 49 SEK
» Lighterfluid per bottle - 49 SEK


» Climbing wall 1 hour - 1000 SEK
» 5-battle in Base Camp - 600 SEK per person


30 000 SEK
(Ordinary price 54 600 SEK)
3 000 SEK
VAT incl. with 12% on accommodation with extra.
Prices for 1-5 groups (10-50 persons)

Do you wish to book this package or have any questions, please contact us through the contact form with a request.