The adventure is valid for both groups and individual guests.

When purchasing gift certificates valid 14 days.

Booking Confirmation

When we reserv a booking you will receive a confirmation via email.


100% refund 48 hours before the booked departure
50% refund 24 hours before the booked departure
0% refund Less than 24 hours before the booked departure
0 % refund   If your weight is over 125 kg
0% refund If you are under the influence of alcohol/drugs on arrival 
0 % refund          If your weight is over 125 kg
0 % refund          If you wear sandals or flipflop
0 % refund    

If you are not on site 30 minutes before departure 


The full payment has to be made together with the booked departure.

As an individual you can pay with VISA and MasterCard.

If you are entrepreneur and want to pay by invoice, you need to contact us first so we can set up your business into our system.

If a departure can not take off within 2 hours of delayed departure due to extreme weather conditions, you have rights do rebooking or 100% refund. The Consumer Act.

Alternatively, the gift vouchers valid for 2 years to come in issued to 100% of the full value.

If extreme weather conditions occur on the course and that the adventure can not be continued within 1 hour but must be canceled, 50% will be refunded or you can rebook for free. Groups that start and go together in the course while extreme weather conditions occur should not be split without a companion joining for evacuation.
The Consumer Act, the Product Safety act and the Act on Protection against Accidents.

Booking conditions for package bookings and bathing facilities.

For groups booked in our reservation system or booked directly with us, the following applies:

The product must be paid before departure.
If the product is cancelled more than 5 workdays before the booked departure you will be refunded 50 % of the price.
If the product is cancelled less than 5 workdays before the booked departure you will be refunded 0 % of the price.
Please notice that only those who carried out the booking can cancel / rebook.
To implement a group booking applies it to accept send booking conditions and that you reconfirm them to us.

Cancellation must be made via email to:
Please note that our cancellation policy is using a break time at 24:00 Swedish time.
This means that if you cancel after our office closing time at 18:00 the day before the booked time you will not be refunded.