Experience a unique adventure in the nature of Småland filled with adrenaline, excitement, and camaraderie. High above the treetops, you can throw yourself into Europe's longest zipline course. On the ground, canoe trips, ghost mines, pentathlon, nature walks, and much more await!

Grupp med människor på zipline-platta

Our opening hours

Immerse yourself in adventure and natural beauty with our thrilling zipline experiences. Click the link to see our operating hours, tailored to offer optimal ziplining and adventure conditions throughout the year.

Grupp med vuxna med hjälmar i skogsparti

Corporate Events Out in the Forest

Sweden Zipline is the perfect place when you want to have fun with your colleagues. We assist you with pentathlons, team competitions, and lots of other activities that strengthen teamwork and get the adrenaline pumping!

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