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To see the departure times for individual bookings, fewer than 8 participants, and regular departures for the current period Dec 2017- August 2018, in each of our courses, please see the booking tool. To open up the departure you need to book at least 4 adults before April and from April you need to book at least 2 adults, and after that you can book one by one or more.

All our courses are adjusted for all ages between 5-99 years old and the difference between the courses is the adrenaline level not difficult level. 

Description of the New Green/Blue course – Family friendly

The New Green/Blue tour starts from the top of the park, it is 1186 meters long and spread over 6 stations. The start takes place from a platform more or less on the ground, making it all the easier to take the first step out in the wilderness. The New Green/Blue course has three laminated poles which are between 8 and 12,5 meters high. It is also includes two high towers and one platform in the trees. The highest point in this course is 15 meters above the ground and you zip in speeds up to 50 km/h.

The ending is a parallel double line ( Love zip ) where you go two by two together to the ground. The double line is attached to a violently large rock which is a moving block from the ice sheet. This place is called Happy Ending for the New Green/Blue course. This adventure takes up to 2 hours and suits those who wants a little less adrenaline.

Description of the Black course – Bookable all year around for groups 8 pax and with fixed departure times

The Black course is an adrenaline filled adventure with total 2155 meter line spread over 8 stations for those who would like something extra. You register at the top of our Base Camp, where you also receive all equipment. We are starting with a 25 meters walk over a suspension bridge at 17 meters above ground to zip out from tower number one. Then we go for a faster line with a fall of 24 meters of a distance of 370 meters, here you can reach a speed of 70 km/h. Between tower four and the 300 years old tree we have one of the highest line, which let you zip a 242 meter long line at 52 meter above the ground. At the 300 years tree we start from ground level and zip out to a tower. Then back across the canyon at 20 meters height with parallel double line ( Love zip ) over Sawcreek Canyon with wild streaming water beneath us. After this we come to a rock wall and climb 102 steps along a mountain mounted system of stairs. The 18 meters climb gets us up to another tower. From this tower to a platform named Tower Rosenborg that we have built in a glulampole with 388 meter line. From Tower Rosenborg we go on a parallel double line ( Compete Zip ) where you can compete to the finish line which we called Happy Ending for Black and Kamikaze course. This adventure suits the real brave and will takes 2,5-3 hours in a full group.

Description of theRed Kamikaze course – Bookable all year around for groups 8 pax and with fixed departure times.

Red Kamikaze is pure amazing with 2610 meter line spread over 8 stations divided on 6 towers which are between 12 and 20 meters high. Three special designed platforms on poles, two of them are out in the wilderness. We zip the first four lines of Black course and then take a shorter beautiful nature walk to Overhang where we zip 250 meters to reach Lazy Fir. The zip from Lazy fir is 427 meters long with a top speed at 75 km/h. We are landing on a cliff rock 20 meters above the ground and climbing up by a built-in ladder to a higher cliff where a 100 meter forest walk take us to tower 6. From this tower we zip a 388 meter line over to a glulampole called Tower Rosenborg. From Tower Rosenborg we get to tower 7 by a parallel line ( Compete Zip ), where you can compete to, what we call Happy Ending for Black and Kamikaze course. This adventure takes about 3,5-4 hours and suits for those who want that extra.

The individual price ( less than 8 participants ) is as follow:

New Green/Blue for adult: 850 SEK

Children/youth: 400 SEK

Black course adult: 1250 SEK

Children/youth: 600 SEK

Red Kamikaze adult: 1500

Children/youth: 750 SEK

It is also possible to tandem zip with children from 5 years old and children from 10 years old with minimum weight of 35 kg can zip by themselves.

We always recommend that our guide takes respond of the tandem with children under 35 kg, as we know from experience that accompanying adults to children many times need to fully concentrate on their own zip.

Should you have any disability and be unsure if you can go it, please feel free to contact us.

All zippers are also assigned a headtube ( bandana ) which is also a safety detail to avoid any long hair getting stuck in the pulley during the zip. This headtube with our logo on will also be something of a status symbol for those who dare to go Zipline. These headtube are not available for purchase but are only reserved for those who show the courage to go one of our courses. If you go our New Green/Blue course you will get a green headtube, if you go our Black course you get a black headtube and if you go on our Red Kamikaze course you will get a red headtube. After arrival to Happy Ending it is time for a 250-350 meters beautiful nature walk uphill on the way back to Base Camp again.

All departure including two guides who will respond to the safety in the course, give you a nature experience through our Småländska wilderness, loan of all safety gears, headtube, gloves to lend and a memory for life.