Wilderness deck

Wilderness deck

Our wilderness deck has wood heated sauna, hot tubs, Double cabin with soft mattress floor, dressing room, shower, WC, serving places, seating, public seating and a fantastic view over a lake named Änghultasjön.


Our bathhouse for 10 persons is an wood heated special designed hot tub with a 2 meter deephole in the middle. This bathhouse is not included in our serving area which means you are welcome to bring your own drink.

Hot Tub

Our Hot tub for 10 persons is a wood heated and located on the wilderness deck with incredible views of lakes and forest landscape. The hot tub has underwater lightning. This hot tub is located within our dining area, which means you are welcome to buy stongs and soft drink fron us. Own bringed drinks is not allowed in the area of this hot tub.


Our sauna for 5-6 persons is wood fired and stands on the edge of the wilderness deck, so here you get an incredible view.

Double cabin

Double cabin has air conditioning with heating and cooling as well as 10 cm soft mattress floor that accommodates 24 adults. The double cabin is equipped with charging stations at each sleeping area powered by environmentally friendly electricity. Sleeping blanket and pillow can be rented.

Field station

At our field station with roof we have gauze plates and utensils for self cooking. We also rent porcelain. A large refrigerator can also be rented if needed.

Dressing room

On the wilderness deck there are two dressing rooms with shower, WC and room for dressing.


On the deck we have 24 seats for serving as well as 18 public seats.

Serving area

Half of the wilderness deck is a serving area where you can not bring your own food or drink while the other half with the 16 persons deep hole hot tub, double cabin, dressing room, field station, sauna and fridge is not on our serving area and you can bring your own food, strong or soft drink.

Price for the wilderness deck can be found in the price list.

For more information, please contact us.

Wilderness deck