Who Can Zip?

Before you intend to ride the zipline there are a few things you should consider:
Age and body weights:

  • Minimum age 5 years
  • Children from 5 years can go tandem zipping with one of our guides
  • Minimum weight 35 kg, to zip alone
  • Maximum weight 125 kg (including tandem zip with children)

Children and youth under the age of 18  
Children and youth can join a Ziline adventure from the age of 14 on there own. The parents just need to agree for that. 

The tandem zip for children under 35 kg
Children under 35 kg are zipping with one of our guides tandem, due to they would not reach the next station by them self. The guides are responsible for the safety during the whole adventure for the children. 

Fitness / Disabilities
You do not need to be an athlete to zip. As long as you are physically and mentally fit you can go zipping. If you can handle a walk and then climb two meters on a ladder, you are fit to zip.

If you have some type of disability, do not be afraid to contact us. We always try to find a solution to as many people as possible based on different conditions to be able to take advange of our adventure. We will only be happy if we can convey this incomparable experience and spread the joy ahead with our adventure. Dentures and crutches are no problem! The type of guests, we know that we can handle already.

Pregnant women
We do not recommend pregnant women to zip. Please consult a medical expert before you choose one of our zipline adventures.