Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book in advance?
Low season: Yes, you need to book in advance.
High seson: No, you dont need to book in advance, but then it is not sure that there are spots avalible. That is why we recommend to book before. You can always call us to ask if there are spots free.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes we do have group discounts. Please take a look in our pricelist.

What time should I be there?
You must be on side at least 30 minutes before the departure time for the registration, dressing and safety briefing. If you arrive delayed, it is possible that the group already started or that the departure time has been cancelled. There will be no refund in that case, due to it is self-inflicted.

How should I dress?
You should wear cloth for the weather. It is possible that the weather changes quite fast. 
Solid shoes are a must have. 

Do you have lockers and changing facilities?
Yes, we provide free lockers for any personal belongings, that you don´t want to take out in the course.
We have changing facilities, but recommend everyone, to come to the park in the clothe you want to have on during the adventure.

Can I bring my camera and/or mobile phone?
Yes you can take a camera and/or mobile with you. But you are responsible for it. The company do not pay for loss or damadge. Please have the mobile muted.

What happens when it is bad weather?
The sentince: ”There is no bad weather only bad clothing” fits to us. To zip in the rain is actually quite fun and can be considered a high light if you are dressed correctly. To feel the rain whipping against your face during zipping high above the ground, gives a very nice feeling.
We do not cancel a departure because of rain.
In case of storm, thunder storm or snow storm we cancel the adventure. In that case you will get your money back. If you payed with a voucher, you will get a new departure time.  

How long does the adventures take?
The adventures takes between two and four hours. You find more detail here

Can friends / spectators and others come to take photos and watch when people are riding the zipline?
Yes, it's nice if they want to join us in the forest. There are walking paths next to all the stations and it's permitted to roam the forest thanks to the Right of Public Access. Spectators may never come directly under the lines or within a distance of three meters. This must be respected for your own and the crowds safety - Product Safety Law and the Prevention of Accidents.

How are the booking and cancellation conditions?
You find our booking and cancellation condition in the pricelist.

Is it allowed to bring our own picknick?
We have public grill areas, there you are allowed to eat your own food. Also on the halv of the wildernessdeck which is not in the service area. 

Do you have the right to sell alcohol?
Yes, we have the right to have the right to sell alcohol. 

Is it allowed to drink alkohol before the adventure?

No, all forms of intoxicants are prohibited before and during the adventures.

Can we pay by card?
Yes, we only accept card for payment. We accept all different typs for cards for the payment.

Do you have WIFI?

Yes we have free WIFI. You need to log in with your facebookaccount. 

Is the park accessible for disabled?
Yes the Base Camp is accessible for disabled persons. We have a handicap parking at the top.