Who Are We?

Little Rock Lakes owners are Mr. Håkan Blad and Mr. Jonas Grahn both born in the village of Braås.


Our intention is to be the premier provider of zipline tours in Europe. We believe that by our sincere dedication to 
development of customer services and operation systems, employment of fully trained staff, and careful design of our and well-chosen locations, we will quickly become one of the leading names in Eco Adventures.

Quote from Jonas Grahn , founder of Little Rock Lake AB together with Håkan Blad:
Ziplining/Canopy tours provide the opportunity for people to explore the forest. Most people find canopy tours both engaging and rejuvenating. This makes them very memorable.
While ziplining is a big part of the attraction, it is also the only way to enter into a world that can not easily be reached by everybody. The forest canopy is part of a dynamic and beautiful environment. It is our goal to give our guests a very interactive experience with stunning views, the opportunity to experience the
forest's allure and hopefully learn more about themselves, the people they are traveling with and nature.

It is our goal to communicate, entertain and inspire. It is not enough for us that our customers appreciate the high speed and the high altitude during the adventure. We also want our guests to experience a new chapter in life that starts with this adventure. Ziplining is just a vehicle that will help us to meet these goals. We think we have something very special here. Our hope is that both our customers and ourselves will gain new understanding through this experience. We are passionate about helping people to learn more about themselves, their peers and the world around them. While journeying through an incredibly beautiful scenery, it is our hope that we will ignite a spark in our visitors that makes them continue to seek out and explore more wild places and learn the need to protect the environment. I think we all secretly dream of flying.

Quote from Jonas Grahn
I have had the privilege to explore some of the most beautiful places in the world. After all my travels I have come to realize that one should avoid going over the river to get water, what I mean is that you can easily become blind to what is offered at home. I think people will be surprised that our tours are so tremendously beautiful and that they feel so wild. The adventure it situated not more than one hour's drive from the larger towns of southern Sweden.

Technical Specifications - littlerocklake.com

Company Name: Little Rock Lake AB
Adventure Facility Name: Little Rock Lake
The place names: Royal Sawcreek Crown Park
Number of Zip Lines: 16
Total length: 3370 meters
Maximum height: 52 meters
Estimated top speed: 75 km / h
Maximum length: 427 meters
Views: 4 lakes
Animals: moose, deer, fox, wolf, badger, boar, squirrel, raccoon, mink, weasel, stoat, rabbit, rodents, poultry, fish, reptiles, butterflies.

Sweden - Småland north of Änghultasjön two km from mainroad 31 on the road between Klavreström and Lindshammar. Only three hours drive from Malmö. 40 minutes from Växjö.