Who Are We?

Who are we?
Little Rock Lake AB is a company owned by Jonas Grahn from Braås. He started the company in 2012 together with Håkan Blad. It took two years from the planning and building of the first lines, until the park opened. The park opened with 9 lines in total and a little reception. In two old military tents where place for dressing up the guests for the adventure and for a small café.

Nowadays we are Europe’s longest Zipline with more than 16 lines and more than 4 km lines in the forest. Our Base Camp is a lot bigger and has a restaurant such as accommodation.

Our guides
Our Zipline guides are very important for us. We are very proud about the good work they do with our guests, which we always see on the reviews on social media. The most guides are local youth, but during the high season they are from the hole country and from other countries in Europe. The guides from other countries make it possible for us, that we can adjust the language during the adventures. One summer we had more 11 languages mother Tung in the park.

The company is driven by Jonas Grahn (CEO), Peter Szabo (vice CEO and park manager) and Janik Laurisch (Course manager).

Jonas Grahn:
I started the Little Rock Lake Zipline with a thought about a hobby, but it got a lot more than just a hobby.

Peter Szabo:
I am around 30 years old and grew up in Braås. Now I live in Åseda. In 2014 i started working for the Zipline. After a lot of work with the build I took over the operational part of the park. I am a very active person, who train a lot and like to have several projects going on the same time. As the park manager, I am responsible for the running of the company and the development. It is a perfect job for me, due to I have a lot of different tasks and challenges every day.

Janik Laurisch:
I was born in 1995 in Berlin. So, my mother Tung is German, but I do have good knowledge and skills in English. Due to my time in Sweden, I have quite good skills in Swedish as well. I started working for the Zipline in June 2015 as a guide. After two years I became the course manager. I love the work because, there are a lot of different tasks I have to do. Such as educate the guides, check the equipment, inspect the course and build or change out things in the course. Due to my language skills, I have some office work as well, such as translation for the website and answer the phone or emails.

Our goal
Our goal is it to give the guests the possibility to explore the forest, which is hard to access, during an amazing adventure. That the guests learn new things about the forest and nature we are in, is very important for us as well. We would like to let the guest feel, that a new chapter of their live has started. The Zipline is just a transport system out in the nature, to give the best option to explore it.