Our Base Camp is on a rock wich oís one of the highest points of Kronoberg county, 286,4 meters over sea level.
The bedrock is mostly of granite. 
In the bedrock you can find mountain crystals and small traces of gold.

In the ground there are very less minerals, so the trees are growing very slow. A lot of the trees are very old, but are very smal. The area is extremely rich of blueberries, so a better name for the mountain would actually be Blueberry Mountain.

Butterflies and insects are very comfortable in the area, so there a lot of birds nest in the sourrounding. Severeal times we saw the rare butterfly Limenitis camilla (swe: Tryfjäril).

The forest animals in we saw in the park are, mooses, deers, foxes, wild boars, squirrels, minks, ferrets, ermines, rabbits and birds. In the winter time, we have seen traces of a wolf .

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