Grill Area
We have public grill areas in the Base Camp. From the grill areas you have a fantastic view over the lake and the forest. To be sure, that one of the public grill areas is available at the time you want to barbeque, we recommend to make a reservation by contacting us. You can buy charcoal and lighter fluid in the reception.
Please keep in mind that the company do not provide recycling facilities for your disposable plates etc. We appreciate that you bring all your items back home for recycling and disposing after using the public grill areas. There are no recycling bins in the grill areas. If you bring your own plates and cutlery there is the possibility to wash the dishes at our public washing station next to tower 1. Alcoholic beverages is only allowed to be consumed at the public grill areas. Please note that consuming alcohol is not allowed before the zipline tour.
Conduct for Grill area