Grill areas

Our grill areas in Base Camp with all striking views can be rented for a fee, the reservation is done through the contact form.
Free access to wood is included, lighter fluid and barbeque charcoal can be bought on site.
Please note that free reservation of our grill areas are included when booking of any of our Zipline adventures.

Our grill area Over view offers a stunning view over the lake, Änghultasjön and seating for up to 20 persons.
Price: 200 SEK*, 2h and free access to firewood

Small 1 & Small 2:
Our grill areas Small 1 and Small 2 offers a view of our very own pond, Little Rock Lake and also the lake, Änghultasjön and seating for up to 8-10 persons.
Price: 100 SEK* (per grill area), 2h and free access to firewood

Our grill area Lake consists of 4 grills standing together in the middle, without walls and offers seating for up to 10 persons and are more secluded but in connection to Base Camp and view over the pond, Little Rock Lake and the first wire of the Black and Red zipline adventures.
Price: 300 SEK*, 2h and free access to firewood.

The Pit:
Our grill area The Pit are without roof and has two smaller grills with a view over the lake Änghultasjön and is located in direct connection to the main building in Base Camp.
Price: 150 SEK*, 2h and free access to firewood.

*All prices are incl. VAT.
Please keep in mind that the company does not provide recycling facilities for your disposable plates etc. We appreciate it if you bring all your items back home for recycling and disposal after use.

Rules of procedure grill areas
There are no recycling bins in the grill areas. If you bring your own plates and cutlery you can wash them at our public dishwashing station next to Tower 1.
Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in the public grill areas. Please note that the consumption of alcohol is not allowed prior to the zipline tour.
Please avoid, if possible, one use articles.