Little Rock Lake AB - Sweden Zipline
Little Rock Lake AB - Sweden Zipline

Little Rock Lake AB - Sweden Zipline

Welcome to book your Sweden ECO adventure or buy a gift voucher for yourself, your friends or the entire family! Visit Europes longest Zipline with total over 3 km line in the forest on mountain rocky slope to the Småländska highland.

Do not miss some our our unique morehours adventure in the deep forests of Småland. Experience the forest, its streams and lakes from a breath taking view high above the forest landscape. Explore the forests and deep ravines from a bird´s eye view. Enjoy the feeling of flying, the dizzying speed at high altitude, travelling through the 150 years old forest landscape.

Little Rock Lake Zipline in Sweden has quickly become one of the most talked about experiences in Sweden and Småland. Our adventures are designed for all ages and are perfect gifts for someone you love, your whole family or perfect rewards for yourselves and your colleagues. You are most welcome to book an unprecedented experience, an experience of a life time. Just remember one important thing, it is like a drug to zip. Who does not want to fly! Take a deep breath, gather courage, take the step and let yourself be embraced by a new feeling. Enter a new chapter of your life. If you are afraid, you are perfectly right! We were also afraid the first time!

To see the departure times for individual bookings, fewer than 8 participants, and regular departures for the current period Jan 2017- 16 Dec 2017, in each of our courses, please see the booking tool, which you can access by clicking in the link below: Departures from 16 Dec until 28 February will soon be open at our web page.

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All our courses are bookable at request every day of the year for fixed group price. If you wish to book a group for 8 participants or more, please contact us and we will help you with the booking. 

Very welcome to book your ECO adventure!

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