Zipline guide wanted!
Knowing Swedish is absolutely not a requirement, but on the other hand you must master English in both speech and writing.
Minimum age for Zipline guide is 16 years old.
You should be a physical person who likes to be active and enjoy being out in the nature in all types of weather as the weather in the Småland highland can change abruptly.
You need to have a good body language/posture and preferably master several languages such as: German, Dutch, French, Danish, Mandarin, Japanese, Malay, Spanish, Indian, Finnish, Hindi, Polish or Arabic.
You have to be a social and positive person, a friend of good order and be able to take on a big personal responsibility for not only yourself but also others. You need to have the safety mindset and not to be afraid of high altitudes.


As a Zipline guide you are responsible for the safety of a group of up to 8-10 people, you lead the group throughout the entire adventure from the time guests arrive on site until they have completed the adventure and are back at the facility. During the adventure, you will teach the visitors about nature and its surroundings along with the right of public access. Your goal should be for the guests to return from the adventure with a memory to remember for the rest of their lives.

After being called for a personal interview, intensive training takes place on site before the employment begins.

If you already have equivalent experience at another Zipline facility with a complete training program, you must in that case have documented written certificates of completed courses and certificates of service at another facility.

You get back so much more as a Zipline guide than just a job experience
You get to spending your working days in a wonderful environment with many wonderful people of different backgrounds and cultures whom are like-minded with a sense of adventure, maybe you will meet your new best friend? You receive life experiences beyond the ordinary that you can take with you further in life.

Catering staff for Little Rock Lakes restaurant Fine Forest wanted!
In order to apply for this position, you have to be stress-resistant, orderly, thorough and passionate about providing your visiting guests with service beyond the ordinary. The minimum requirement for you as an applicant is to manage English and Swedish in both speech and writing, speech and writing abilities of German and Dutch is meritorious.

Employment details
Hourly employment during the months April-October and weekend and holydays all year around.
Salary according to the collective agreement Hotel & Restaurant Union.

If you are interested in a position as serving staff or Zipline guide, send in your CV and a personal letter containing first and last name, age, weight, height, place of residence and information regarding any experience, educations or hobbies that you think are valuable for us to take part of. Also attach a photography of yourself in full figure. This information is sent by email to info@littlerocklake.comIf you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us by Email or give us a call +46470-54 29 00.