Double Cabin
Accommodation on the wilderness deck fr. 2000 SEK

Our double cabin for 12+12 people stands on our wilderness deck with immediate connection to Base Camp. The double cabin is equipped with 10 cm thick mattress floor coherent environmentally friendly soft plastic cover floor in order to provide the ultimate sleeping comfort. To be laying comfortable is always appreciated and we avoid having to handle sleeping mats and air mattresses. The cabin is also equipped with an AC for both heat and cool. Sleeping bag and pillow is not included in the rental. The cabin’s two sections has several electricity outlets with environmentally friendly electricity and WiFi is available.
Changing rooms with warm water showers and toilets are just a few meters away from the double cabin.
If desired, there is possibility to also rent a larger fridge, hot tub, bath house and sauna.


Wilderness panel rooms
Accommodation in Base Camp fr. 750 SEK
5 connected, simple overnight rooms with a bunk bed and fridge is located in the heart of Base Camp with the nature as the closest neighbor. Warm water showers, toilets and changing rooms are located proximately 25 meters from the rooms on the wilderness deck is included in the rental, as do duvet, pillow with pillowcase and a large towel.

By our own Little Rock Lake, 250 SEK/10m2

By the Base Camp we have our own little camping area for room up to 30 tents, where you can choose to place your own tent or rent one from us. You may also rent sleeping bags, pillows with pillowcases and air mattresses. In close proximity we have several grill areas for those wishing to cook their own meals and you get access to our changing rooms with warm water shower and toilet. The camping area is located right next to our own Little Rock Lake with an incredible view when one wakes up in the morning. Everything in a forest environment with the nature as the closest neighbor.


Caravan/motorhome camping
Camping in the lower parking fr. 0 SEK

On our lower parking you can park a caravan/motorhome 24 hours free of charge. Facilities are avaiable for rent in Base Camp if desired. Please nte that caravans/motorhomes are not alloed to drive up to our upper parking lot. 

Forest Camp
Back to basic fr. 2000 SEK
Out in the middle of the forest in an untouched environment east of the Sawcreek Canyon we have our Forest Camp for those whom wishes to enjoy and cherish the solitude and the quietness out in the Swedish nature. It is a very natural accommodation in the middle of the forest consisting of a wooden floor, military tent, and wood-fired heater with no running water or access to electricity. There is access to firewood and a grill area, including a wok pan in order to cook your own meals. The best with this accommodation is that you only have a few meters from our Zipline station 300-year-old tree with an incredible view over the Sawcreek Canyon where you can savor the view which is an incredible feeling in the silence. This accommodation is the perfect match for the hen- and stag party, the friend group or why not challenge your employees in something that is far from the traditional hotel accommodation.     


We can also recommend several places of accommodation in the vicinity - see the following links (incl. the distance from us): - 43 km - 53.4 km - 41.5 km - 17.5 km - 38.1 km - 107 km - 15.4 km - 15.4 km