More activities

At Little Rock Lake, there are many places to enjoy while visiting and wishes to remain with your feet on the ground.

"Fika" with view
Why not take a seat on one of the rocks at our very own pond, Little Rock Lake with your own picnic basket and simply enjoy the day overlooking Base Camp and the zipping guests?

Find your own hidden place in the nature - among plants, berries, and mushrooms

Or you can find your own place in the forest surrounding Little Rock Lake as the right of public access “do not disturb – do not destroy” applies there. What the right to public access entails you can read HERE.
Perhaps you will find a spot where no one has never been before and therefore make this spot yours alone.

The nature surrounding Base Camp but also on the mountain top where Base Camp stands firmly is rich with berries, such as lingonberries, raspberries and blueberries. There are also chanterelles growing on many different places out in the forest.


Take a refreshing dip in our mountain pool

Our mountain pool which is approx. 4 meters deep and it is mostly spring water that pushes up from the bedrock that fills the pool with water.
There are also several challenging exercises around the pool, mostly over water that require both endurance, strength and technique.


Grilling, swimming and camping at Lake Camp

By the lake, Änghultasjön which can be seen from Base Camp, you will find “The Beach.” Here you can swim, grill and there are also camping opportunities with both tent, caravans and motorhomes.
Being able to fish is also an opportunity, fishing license is to be purchased through the telephone application iFiske which is available for both Android and iOS.


Hikingpath "Vilsestig"

At the start of our Zipline Green course there is a small hiking trail, “Vilsestig,” along the trail, children and adults can learn about what to do if you would get lost in the forest.
We have a free quiz along the trail containing 12 questions. Tray and pen are given by the reception in the main building, after finished activity, the correct answers are found in the reception.


Outdoorgym Fitness Forest

Overlooking the lake, Änghultasjön, located between two of our grill areas Over view and The Pit is our outdoor gym Fitness Forest which has been built on site with various training opportunities and is a free of charge activity.
This gym is under construction!

Cone throwing and Nature bingo
Both of these activities are free of charge and are located outdoors in Base Camp.
Cone throwing can be found underneath our bulletin board, the distance you decide yourself.
Trays for the nature bingo is located on one of the tables outside the main entrance in the outdoor reception.

The floor is lava

This is a activity for children that are max 35kg and has various obstacles that you have to complete without touching the ground. Incl. Zipline adventure, living mm.
Please note, children are NOT allowed to be in the obstacle course without the supervision of at least 1 adult!

World-unique underground experience

Underneath the wooden deck at Base Camp lies our underground labyrinth where children can go on an adventure. You will be equipped with a helmet and headlamp to explore the underground.
Down here, you can also observe crayfish that have made their home in the mountain pool. 
Please note, the underground area is accessible on days when we have bookings in the park. We always recommend to reserving spaces in advance.