Mine adventure

All year round!

Mine adventure full day - 10.00-18.00

This adventure begins with a 40 minute drive to one of Sweden’s most beautiful quarries. On arrival we begin by moving down into the quarry through a 200 meter long mining gallery. A short path down, a beautiful quarry opens up with moss and tree-bedecked walls of rocks and slow-grown tree species. Together we wander around there for a while, admiring the surroundings before we take a seat on top of the mine for a smaller lunch incl. soft drinks.


The ghost mine

After visiting the quarry and finishing the lunch we travel on for around ten minutes or so and soon we reach the concealed, almost forgotten ghost mine.
The mine is from the 17th century and a long time ago, iron was extracted here. The mine is 50 meters deep and comprises of three levels.
Together we move up to the top in order to go through the safety rules before we do a couple of rappelling exercises. When we feel ready we crawl under the fence and start lowering us down into the mine.


The first landing is just 15 meters below while the second is a further 35 meters down to a cavity. Lowering ourselves into the cavity, we light our flares and move out along the mine through a 250 meter long, partially waterlogged gallery. Wandering in the underground lit by the flares gives a strange feeling that is hard to describe and we try to keep quiet in order to not awaken the mine ghost whom is guarding the underworld.
Emerging from the mine we are pretty hungry and therefore we take a seat together to heat up a smaller dinner.

How should I dress?

We always recommend clothing that is suitable for the purpose. This means comfortable sportswear/outdoor wear and robust boots/sport shoes. If there is a risk for wet weather we encourage you to bring raingear. It is at times cold in the mine so a small backpack with zippers with an extra sweater and trousers is a good idea to bring along with you.
The guides can loan you plain sandals to protect your feet in cold water.

Who can take part of this adventure?

Everyone aged 12-70 in reasonable good shape and weighing no more than 100kg. You are to not be afraid of heights and you are to have a good sense of balance nor to be afraid of a little rain or the dark. Normal vision, glasses can be secured by the Little Rock Lake headdress and helmet. You are a positive person and enjoy solving tricky tasks together with your companions.



Mine adventure full day


» Transportation to and from the mines
» Loan of all needed equipment
» Guides with climbing training
» Lunch, dinner with soft drink and fruit


» Zipline adventure Red or Black course - 1000 SEK per person

9 750 SEK - 19 500 SEK

If you have any questions, or you want to book or need help planning your day, please contact us via the contact form.