Restaurant Fine Forest Inamat
The Restaurant Fine Forest is in the Base Camp on top of a mountain. You have an amazing view over the forest and the lake Änghultasjön.
The restaurant has about 50 seats inside and about 50 seats outside.
All ingredients for the dishes are form the farmers and hunters from the area. We like to use ingredients, which the forest offers as well. Sometimes we take the guests with us in the forest, that they can see, what the forest offersfor ingredients.

The menu varies, due to the availability of the ingredients and season.
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Easter special:
We offer a dinner package, where you will get a mix of our dishes as a little buffet on your table. Everyone can choose from the big plate on the table, what they would like to eat. On the plate you will find the pitmasters pot, roastbeef, sausages and grilled chocken. As a side dish, you will get potatoes in differnt forms, varm and pickled vegtables and a freshly backed bread. As a dessert you will get Ice Cream from Horda Jersey to coplement the menu.
The price for an adult is 299 SEK, and for children/youth between 3 years and 15 years 169 SEK. Children under 3 years, will eat for free. Please book a table via the contact form or call us at +46 474 48200.

We have the full rights to sell alcohol.
We do sell the ingredients, if you want to prepare your food on one of the grill areas.

For table reservations or other questions, please contact us.

Warm welcome for a taste experience in the forest.

Restaurant Fine Forest Inamat