How To Book

You have to book at least 24 hours before the departure. 
Please avoid booking with Apple products such as Iphone, Ipad, Ipod or Mac computer. There can be difficulities with some older versions of iOS.

To see the departure times for individual bookings, fewer than 8 participants, and regular departures for the current period December 2018- August 2019, in each of our courses, please see the booking tool. To open up the departure you need to book at least 4 adults until April 2019, after that it is enough to book two persons.

How to book
You book in our booking tool that is found on the right hand side of the homepage or click here.
You choose which adventure you want to book in our roller gallery. Please keep in mind that there are many bookable products.
You choose the date of booking and press ”Continue booking my adventure”

1/3 Choose your adventure
Here you tell us how big your group is as well as your prefered departure time on the right hand side of the calendar. You type in how many adults and how many children that will participate. At this point you can also choose ”Tandem Child below 35 Kg” as an additional choice if you have children who will participate weighing less than 35 Kg.
Now you are able to see how many spaces are available at the respective departures and the minimum number of people that must be booked for the system to open up.

If the dates are highlighted:

  • in green, there are spaces available to book.
  • in orange, then there is not enough space for the number of participants you have chosen. Please contact us so we can help you.
  • in white, there is no departure
  • in red, the departure is already full booked

Then fill in your name, language, nationality and age.
Then you proceed by clicking on ”pay”.

2/3 Enter personal details
Here you fill in your name, address and contact details.
If you have a gift voucher you fill in your ID and PIN in appropriate fields.
If you do not have gift vouchers leave these fields empty.
If you have a promotion code, you fill in the box for promotion code.
Then press activate promotion.
When you have activate in promotion code you will see your discounted price.
Click the boxes for confirmation and acceptance and you will be taken through to payment.

3/3 Payment
Please do not use the back button in the browser during payment.
Once the booking is complete, you will receive an e-mail.

Here you find the pricelist 2019.

Good to know
You should be in place 30 minutes before departure for the registration and safety briefing.
Some business cards without the function of bank identifications are not possible to pay with. (e.g. American Express Businesscard)
You can learn more about how to zip from our YouTube video, see link below:
Click here to see how to zip