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Please note that you have 30 minutes to complete your booking. To see our available departure, please select adventure. To use the promotion Hostlov21 where you can book your adventure for Zipline Black and Red 30 of October-6 of November with 30% discount, please fill in the promotion code Hostlov21on the next page.

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You must choose min. 2 persons to book Black or Red course, min. 4 persons for Green och Purple course. If there is already a booking in the departure, it is enough to book 1 person and ( Tandem is only an ADDITION for children max 12 years.)

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If no departures are shown, or if you are more participants than the system permits, please contact us for availability!
Phone: +46 470 542900
or via the contact form.


We require some basic information about the persons who will attend the events you have selected. Please complete the following form for all participants.